TGC_Au The modern literary novel is an attempt to render a world, to explain how things really are, who we really are.
TGC_Au This Biblical picture is so much richer than getting into heaven when you die.
TGC_Au Our communication, although monologue in form, should be a dialogue in content.
TGC_Au The idea that “heaven is our home” obscures how God would have us follow Jesus on the earth.
TGC_Au We needed to keep the big vision for ministry in mind as we went about our daily work in college.
TGC_Au The ancient sin was that of the theft of a land, a great island, a continent. It was theft on a very large scale.
TGC_Au Our vision of our end or goal is more determinative for our lives than anything else about us.
TGC_Au As Augustine, Bishop of Hippo wrote in the last days of the Roman Empire: “All empire is theft”.
TGC_Au If you want to predict the shape of person’s life don’t look at their beliefs but at what loves drive them.
TGC_Au Jesus is coming back, and when he appears, he’ll put an end to sin, death, mourning, crying, and pain.
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