TGC_Au The problem, I submit, is not science but scientism:
TGC_Au What about you? Do you deserve God's grace—do I?
TGC_Au He is the sovereign ruler of all people but not a despotic, tyrannical ruler; rather a gracious, loving King:
TGC_Au I want to push back on the assumption that Genesis 1 stands in contradiction with the origins of the universe:
TGC_Au Drag me to hell in the valley of the damned Like my mother, give wings to a stone It’s only the shadow of the cross:
TGC_Au TGCA Bible Talk: Murray Capill preaches on Matthew 28:18-20, "All Authority":
TGC_Au My brother had a daughter The beauty that she brings; illumination!
TGC_Au Which ten books would Michael Jensen take to a desert island? Find out here:
TGC_Au In the first of our "Reading with..." series, TGCA asks Michael Jensen about his favourite books and reading habits:
TGC_Au I’m drawn to the blood The flight of a one-winged dove How? How did this happen?
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