TGC_Au There are lots of us who worry about how Christians will live in a world where we silence those we disagree with.
TGC_Au In documenting the experience of love-gone-wrong, Ryan Adams & Taylor Swift are no different.
TGC_Au ICYMI: Why do people gifted in teaching children doubt their aptitude for children’s ministry?
TGC_Au Membership not morality: At its very core, what exactly is the New Perspective?
TGC_Au ICYMI: Captured by technology: Are we using tools or are they using us?
TGC_Au Establishing an effective children’s ministry: equip the primary shepherds—parents.
TGC_Au To ignore the Spirit's work consigns us to a joyless, powerless, silent, grumpy Christianity.
TGC_Au God doesn’t love us because we have value. We have value because he loves us.
TGC_Au ICYMI: Eight theologians walk into a Brisbane pub. What happens next?
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