TGC_Au Guard her heart from temptation and strengthen her will to be faithful to you.
TGC_Au Just because something is in print doesn’t mean that it’s true.
TGC_Au We compare ourselves and our gifts with others either nearby or distant.
TGC_Au Keep her safe in your love.
TGC_Au Is it possible that this contributes to the feeling among LGBTI youth that they are hated?
TGC_Au Thank you for the friendship that we share due to the common bond of grace.
TGC_Au The best kind of commentary will drive you back to the Scriptures.
TGC_Au It's better to view a commentator as a tour guide on a journey of discovery.
TGC_Au Have we come to the point where disagreement with gay marriage is equated with hate?
TGC_Au A strange thing happened to John Dickson last week when Facebook​ removed and then reinstated one of his posts.
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