From Thomas Watson's The Ten Commandments


Thomas Watson asks, "How might we know we love God and how can we strengthen that love?



1.           Love Him with a whole heart. He who loves God is not much in love with anything else. (Ps. 73: 25,26). "They say they love God but will part with nothing for Him."


2.           Love Him chiefly for Himself and not for what He gives. Love desires to be in the presence of the Loved. The wife who loves her husband is safe from the adulterer; and the soul that loves Christ is safe from the idolater.


3.           Our desire will be after Him and for His ordinances. Such as have no desire for His ordinances have no love for Him.


4.           He who loves God, hates that which will separate him from God, and that is sin. He quotes Amselm who said, "if hell were on one side, and sin on the other, I would rather leap into hell than willingly sin against my God.


5.           He who loves God is willing to do and suffer for Him. Love made Christ suffer for us, and love will make us suffer for him.


6.           He who loves God is ever diligent to keep that love flaming upon the altar of his heart. Love like a fire is ever ready to go out. Keep fanning the flame.


7.           He who loves God labors to render Him lovely to others.

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