Christ community church

University Impact and Campus Outreach strongly desire to be vitally connected to a local church. In Brisbane, this means we operate under the direction and authority of Christ Community Church and the church serves as a critical source of accountability, leadership and resources. Uni Impact exists as an extension or arm of the church that focuses on university ministry.   


leadership development

We are passionate about making sure students are growing to their fullest potential! We want to see see non-Christians evangelised, young Christians established, maturing Christians equipped and graduates exported to live out their calling.  


campus outreach

Uni Impact is a franchise of Campus Outreach, a network of interdenominational ministries that aim to build labourers at the university through local churches. Campus Outreach first came to Brisbane in 1998 to work alongside an existing university ministry. The name was changed to University Impact in 1999. Campus Outreach is currently made up of approximately 20 independent franchises on six continents.